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Our webshop is under construction, in the mean time we process orders manually. Please send an email to for information of the beers in stock. Minimum purchase 300 DKK and ships only to Denmark.

Find ÅBEN at bars

As our products are in constant rotation at bars, we recommend using Untappd. Open the app or website, search for ÅBEN and use the “find it” function. On there you will be able to see most of the bars servering ÅBEN.

Looking for bottles from ÅBEN?

You can find us in the following places. If you want a box (18 bottles) or more, you can also purchase directly at the brewery. Schedule pick-up at 

Kongebrogade 13 kld. i Solgården
6000 Kolding

Beer and the Bean
Leifsgade 8, kl, tv.
2300 Copenhagen S

Arla Unika, Århus 
Klostergade 20
8000 Aarhus

Blindgade 7
8700 Horsens

Smagen af Øl
Kassøvej 1
6230 Rødekro

For draft rentals and beers

When buying at least one keg of beer from ÅBEN, we provide a mobile draft system free of charge. For further information please contact

For national or international purchases of ÅBEN, distributors

If you are looking for ÅBEN for your bar in Denmark or are you a local importer wanting to import Åben, please feel free to contact

No matter your question our door is open. Shoot us an email at – we’d love to hear from you.